Teams and Fundraising

Throughout the history of the Poppy Walk & 5k Run, we’ve seen so many amazing, spirited teams of runners. Big groups of family and friends, as well as groups of runners and walkers from companies like Tri-Counties Bank and, have joined together to show their spirit, honor our local community, and indulge in some friendly competition for Biggest Team.

This year, through our partnership with, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be offering Team and Individual fundraising. You’ll have the opportunity to go beyond entry fees and raise additional money that will go directly to the care of Peg Taylor Center participants. Prizes will be awarded to the individual and team who raise the most money, and most importantly, your contribution to helping the older and more vulnerable adults in our community will be that much stronger.

Team registration, and team and individual fundraising, will take place entirely online this year. Registration for both individuals and teams is now open – click on the Registration button in the sidebar to get started! And thank you. ❤ We can’t wait to see you there.


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